• August 13, 2020

The Dread of Docking: 10 Safety Tips for Proper Docking

Driving a boat is one thing to master, but successfully docking it is another. Maneuvering any size watercraft can be daunting, especially with a crew on board. Properly docking the boat can be quite stressful, especially when conditions aren’t in your favor, or if there are other contributing factors. If you aren’t following the proper precautions, you may run the risk of damaging the boat or injuring a passenger.

The United States Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Magazine shares ten tips to follow when docking to make this process not only safe, but easy for the skipper. The article highlights:

  • the importance of speed
  • having a plan
  • clear communication and preparing the crew
  • having proper equipment on board including a radio and fenders
  • paying attention to weather conditions and other outside factors

Taking precautionary measures each time you go out on the water is crucial. People often forget that docking properly is just as important as knowing how to drive a boat.