• August 30, 2022

Gear up for peak hurricane season

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is nearing its peak time as we approach late summer and early fall. Though conditions have been in our favor till now, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) still expects an above-normal season in the coming months. To ensure you and your boat are protected, let’s take a look at some resources.

Preparedness for boaters

According to the National Hurricane Center, there is no single rule of thumb that can be used by mariners to ensure safe separation from a hurricane at sea. Instead, constant monitoring of potential hurricanes, risk analysis and basic guidelines are the best tools to minimize a hurricane's impact to vessels at sea or in port.

Discover Boating provides a guide and checklist for boat owners to consider before, during and after a hurricane.

  • Stay informed and up-to-date on weather reports.
  • Keep important information such as insurance documents, registration, etc. in a secure location.
  • Develop a plan for how and when to move your boat inland.
  • If your boat cannot be moved, empty it, use fenders and tires to secure the boat, and drop an anchor.
  • Have an evacuation plan ready.

Forecasters at NOAA’s climate center predict a 65% chance of an above-average hurricane activity this year – which would make it the seventh consecutive above-average hurricane season. Keep the checklist handy to make sure you are always safe in the waters.

For more, check out “How to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane” offered by Boat Safe.