• October 4, 2017

Theft Prevention

Fall is here! But that doesn’t mean our boating activities need to end quite yet. To keep the fun going, we want to remind you to be proactive in avoiding theft by taking precautionary measures to ensure your vessel and the items left on it are secure. Unfortunately, theft happens—no matter the time of year or location.

To help keep possessions safe, check out BoatSafe.com’s article on boat ownership for tips on how to secure belongings. The article outlines eight security steps to take to ensure boats, trailers, electronics and any other items are secure: mark, record, photograph or film, arm, secure, store, insure and report it. Taking these steps is important to ensuring all property is safe.

By being proactive, you can reduce the risk of losses by theft. Always exercise caution when buying a boat or buying other equipment because it may be stolen goods.