We can help provide boat and yacht protection specifically designed for the unique needs of today's boat owners. Written in plain language so that you can fully understand the coverage provided, boat and yacht insurance policies are flexible so we can customize to your particular needs.

Insurance Coverage for Boats and Yachts Include:

  • All-risk protection for yachts of all sizes and values, as well as dinghies, outboard motors and boat trailers
  • Personal effects coverage
  • Commercial towing and assistance in case of emergency
  • Liability for loss of life, bodily injury and property damage to third parties
  • Wreck removal expense
  • Liability for your use of non-owned yachts, under specific circumstances
  • Automatic coverage for newly acquired yachts, under specific circumstances
  • Uninsured and under-insured boaters insurance
  • Medical payments
  • Pollution liability
  • Defense costs and civil suit bonds
  • Longshore and harbor workers compensation insurance

In addition, we will…

  • Share equally in the cost of moving boats to safe harbor or storage if the National Weather Service issues a hurricane watch or warning, up to a certain limit
  • Arrange an extension of territorial limits to suit navigational needs
  • Base valuation of damaged property on "new for old," except for specially listed items that are subject to depreciation
  • Include an arbitration clause to facilitate prompt resolution of coverage disputes
  • Provide convenient payment plans and provide the option of reducing premium by increasing hull deductible

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