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2019 Hurricane Season: What to Expect

Hurricane season has begun, and with it comes potential for danger and destruction. Still, with warmer weather and open waters, it’s also a great time for summer boating. This can make an impending storm even more stressful due to the potential damage to boaters and boats.

Float Plans; a Boater’s Note

A float plan is like leaving a note on the kitchen counter for your babysitter; it’s the boater’s version of a list of instructions on how to heat dinner, or a proposed plan for the day. A float plan is a safety precaution that you should prepare if you’re going to be out on the water for a while. Completing a plan before going out on the boat and leaving it with a reliable person is an important step to take, should they need to contact the Coast Guard or other rescue services.

Accidents happen to even the most careful yacht and boat owners, which is why proper boat and yacht insurance coverage is essential.

National Marine Underwriters (NMU) can help provide protection specifically designed for your unique boat and yacht insurance needs.

Our goal is to make insuring your boat as easy as possible—so you and your family can spend your free time on the water, not worrying about insurance paperwork.